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Wheel of WebAssembly logo

Wheel of WebAssembly

The Wheel of WebAssembly aims to show the diversity of languages that compile to WebAssembly in a fun way.
rGuiStyler logo


A simple and easy-to-use raygui styles editor
Tensorflow logo


TensorFlow.js is an open-source hardware-accelerated JavaScript library for training and deploying machine learning models.
inNative logo


A native non-web embedding of WebAssembly for Windows/Linux
sql-practice logo


A practical example of sql.js being implemented on a site.
Default WebAssembly Project logo

Tic tac toe

A classic game implementation in react and wasm
Near Protocol logo

Near Protocol

Near Protocol is public blockain for builing decentralized applications using WebAssembly (AssemblyScript)
Default WebAssembly Project logo


A modular toolkit for building isomorphic web apps with Rust
8th Wall logo

8th Wall

8th Wall enables developers to create, collaborate and publish Web AR experiences that run directly in a mobile web browser.
WASM-4 logo


WASM-4 is a virtual game console for building retro games directly in WebAssembly.
Superpowered logo


Low-latency, interactive audio in the browser
raylib logo


A simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming
Default WebAssembly Project logo


A bootstrapping dynamic Forth Interpreter/Compiler for WebAssembly
Unity logo


Cross-platform game engine with a web export powered by WebAssembly
OpenCascade.js logo


Port of the OpenCascade CAD library to JavaScript and WebAssembly via Emscripten.
Uno Platform logo

Uno Platform

OSS project for building single-codebase apps for Web (via WebAssembly), iOS, Android and Windows.
Default WebAssembly Project logo

magnum engine

Graphics middleware for games and data visualization
Game of Life logo

Game of Life

Play John Conway’s Game of Life in your browser
rGuiLayout logo


A simple and easy-to-use raygui layouts editor
Wasm3 logo


A tiny, universal and blazingly fast WebAssembly interpreter written in C 🚀
wasm-flate logo


Compression and decompression in the browser